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The #1 Metal Roofing in Cape Coral, FL

Metal roofing is one of the best choices if you are looking for a durable and affordable roofing option done by a professional roofer in Cape Coral FL. While it is not the cheapest roofing option when you look at upfront costs, the long life of a metal roof more than makes up for it. While your traditional asphalt roof gives you a service life of 15-20 at most your metal roof can easily last 70-80 years without requiring a lot of maintenance. It is an excellent roofing choice for a place like Florida as a properly installed metal roof can easily withstand wind speed of 90-110 mph. Your metal roof will also help you save your money on electricity bills during those hot and humid summer days. This happens because of two reasons:

1) The metal roof ranks high on the reflectance index. i.e. it reflects most of the sunlight falling on your roof in Cape Coral. It also does not store heat like some of the other roofing materials. Have you touched an asphalt roof hours after a very sunny day? You will still find it warm to touch whereas the metal roof would be much cooler as it does not retain the heat.

2) Metal Roof allows both warm and cool air to circulate without escaping due to its insulating properties. This action of the metal roof keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. According to studies done by MRCA, metal roofs can lead to energy savings as high as 50 percent.

In our experience of providing roofing services in Cape Coral and Southwest Florida for years, we have met various people whose idea of metal roofing are limited to traditional standing seam metal roof. But modern manufacturers have come a long way. These days you can get metal roofing in a variety of styles.

THE TYPES OF METAL ROOFING We Can Install In Cape Coral:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof: Standing Seam refers to the distinctive vertical lines that form on a metal roof because of upturned edges connecting the metal panels being installed. This trendy historical look makes standing seam roofing one of the most popular selection in metal roofing.
  • Metal Slate Roof: While traditional slate roof can be quite expensive and heavy, the metal slate roof gives you the look and longevity of natural slate without the additional weight on your roof and your pockets.
  • Metal Shake Roof: Metal shake roof is available in multiple colors and gives you the beauty and texture of traditional shake panels while giving you the durability of metals like aluminum and steel.
  • Metal Tile Roof: Metal tile roof gives you a cheaper and more lightweight option for your roofing while providing the aesthetic appeal of tiles and increased resistance to colder temperatures. What more are you looking for!

We use products from Boral Roofing – the largest and most trusted manufacturer of clay, stone, and concrete coated steel roofing products.

One of the most important things while getting a roof installed is making sure that you get an experienced and reliable roofing contractor. Getting one in a hurry and without making enough inquiries can lead to a lot of regrets down the line. That’s why you need to choose a well-known and respected roofing contractor as BOSS ROOFING. We are known throughout Cape Coral and Southwest Florida region for our exceptional service and involvement in the community. We can guarantee you a smooth and stress-free ride towards your new metal roof.

Our experts have answered below two of the most commonly asked questions about metal roofing.


Homeowners in Cape Coral we meet are often worried that installing a metal roof atop their house would result in a noisier house – where each impact on the roof would sound like a bell going off. This cannot be further from the truth. Modern metal roofing is not like putting those old tin roofs atop the rafters. There are layers of barriers between you and the roof. There is an underlayment, wood from the roof deck, attic space, insulation and a lot of airspace between you and the roof. Additionally, modern metal roof coatings like Kynar, which gives an additional warranty of up to 35 years against fading, can also deaden any noise originating from your roof considerably. The cumulative result is that modern metal roofs are about as noisy as their asphalt counterparts.


Thunderstorms are a common experience for people living in Cape Coral. With Florida recording the maximum frequency of thunderstorms in the USA, we often meet people worried about what electrical conductivity of metal would mean for their metal roof. We would like to assure you that it is completely safe to stay under a metal roof during a thunderstorm. The probability of lightning striking a structure depends more on the size and shape of the structure, rather than on its composition. If by some chance lightning does strike your metal roof, it would be transferred safely to the ground under your house, keeping you and your family safe.

While no material that decreases the probability of getting struck by lightning, the non-combustible nature of the metal roof makes it a better option for mitigating any structural damages to your roof in Cape Coral that might be caused due to lightning.