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The #1 Tile Roofing in Fort Myers, FL

Tile roofing is one of the oldest and most aesthetically pleasing roofing choices. But it is not just the beauty of the tile roof that has drawn people to its usage, but also the extremely long life of the tile roofing Fort Myers. It has widely been in use all over the world for thousands of years. There are buildings in Europe and Asia that are still standing with their original tile roof hundreds of years after they were constructed.

Most of the roofing tiles are designed to be installed on high sloped roofs to allow the tiles to shed any water falling on them. Unless they are special flat roof tiles, roofing tiles should not be installed in a structure having a slope of lower than 4:12, i.e. four inches of rise for every 12 inches (a foot) across. Installing your tile roof on any structure with a lower slope than 4:12 may result in quicker degradation of your roof as the low slope does not allow the water to flow off the roof. The typical tile roof on a low sloped structure makes the roof quite prone to water ponding.

While a very well-rounded material, there are certain things to keep in mind while installing a tile roof. It is very important to hire a competent structural engineer or a roofing contractor like BOSS ROOFING in Fort Myers to make sure that your building has enough structural integrity to bear the weight of the heavyweight tile roof. While most of the buildings in Southwest Florida have decent structural integrity, it is still very important to get it checked as the tile roof can weigh somewhere between 850 – 1000 pounds per square in comparison to 250-350 pounds per square for an asphalt shingle roof.

Tile Roofing in Fort Myers, FL

While tile roofing in Fort Myers comes with a very high upfront investment, it is one of the most economical roofing choices when you take the long life of the tile roof into consideration. Although much more expensive than other cheaper roofing alternatives, a properly installed clay tile roof can easily give a service life of 100 years when compared to paltry 20-35 years of service life with cheaper roofing options. Clay tiles have a long track record for their durability than concrete tiles. Concrete tiles have a much lower expected service life of 60-80 years in comparison to 100+ years for a properly installed clay tile roof.

The most common cause of tile roofing deterioration before its prescribed time is the improper installation of your roof. While installing a tile roof may not seem very complicated to an inexperienced eye, there are various subtle but important concerns to keep in mind while installing it. That is why you need someone like BOSS ROOFING in Fort Myers. We provide high-quality materials with skilled, licensed, insured and certified contractors to satisfy all the roofing and siding needs of our customers.

The Best Tile Roofing In Fort Myers

Tile roofing is a great choice for a coastal state like Florida as the heavy thermal mass of the tiled roof ensures that the temperature inside the structure is regulated. This allows your home to stay cool even when the weather outside may be hot and humid – saving you money on your power bill. Another benefit of installing a tile roof is its high wind resistance – a properly installed tile roof can withstand winds as fast as 150 mph. This makes it a popular choice in Fort Myers with its high frequency of storms and hurricanes. The tile roof is also extremely UV resistant ensuring a long life under the hot summer sun. Roofing tiles are also resistant to fire and decay or rot that can be caused by microorganisms and moisture.

Clay tiles are quite impervious to water and absorb much lesser water than concrete tiles. These tiles have also been the preferred roofing choice for cities adjacent to oceans and seas for centuries. Although tile roofs are very durable, they are quite brittle and can break on a strong enough impact. While these impacts usually come from falling debris, inexperienced installers can also easily chip or break tiles while installing them. The high price of tiles makes this an expensive mistake. That is why you need experienced BOSS ROOFING contractors to install that perfect tile roof for you.


While modern manufacturers have produced various types of tile roofs like plastic tiles and solar tiles, Clay and Concrete are the most common types of tile available for installation. The long history of usage has prompted a wide variety of style and color options top evolve. With these tiles, you can even get the aesthetic appeal of the Medieval architectural style of Europe and Asia. The different styles of tiles in usage in the USA are Spanish tiles, Double Roman tiles, Scandia tiles, Flat shake tiles, Barrel tiles, French tiles, Riviera tiles, and Pantiles. Whatever style you choose, the most important decision you will make will be the contractor you hire – cause a competent tile roofing contractor in Fort Myers can properly guide you through your new roof. Call BOSS ROOFING for no strings attached free estimate.

Fun Fact: Clay tile, which is the original roof tile is believed to be the first roofing material used by humans after the thatched roof. Clay tiles have been found in archeological sites dating back 4000 years.