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The #1 Roof Repair in Fort Myers, FL

We are are a fully licensed and insured roofing Fort Myers FL company. We at Boss Roofing relentlessly work to pursue 100 percent client satisfaction. And it is our success in achieving this goal that has made most of our business come in through the referral of our old clients. With the highest rating of A+ for Accredited Business on Better Business Bureau (BBB), we are a team of experienced contractors who are abreast of all technological developments happening in the roofing industry.

The training and experience that our contractors possess, has made BOSS ROOFING contractors understand how the different elements come together to cause roof damages and the dynamics of roof repair in Fort Myers. So, if you notice any major or subtle damage to your roof, call BOSS ROOFING to get a FREE INSPECTION and ESTIMATE for your roof.

Our experienced professionals will inspect your roof and document it. We will then provide you with a digital regarding the present condition of your roof. This entire service is FREE of any charges. So, pick up your phone and give us a call! You do not have to worry about any hidden strings attached to this inspection as this assessment is free from any obligation to get your roof repaired by us. All we want is to help the members of our community in any way we can. Whether it is an accurate assessment of the damages or the highest quality installation of your roof.

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Fort Myers

A single storm can do more damage to your roof than years of wear and tear. BOSS ROOFING advises all Florida residents to take sufficient precautionary steps before the storm season arrives, to help minimize the amount of roof repair in Fort Myers that you’ll need. We would advise you to stay under some shelter while the storm is going on. But, if the structure under which you are taking shelter has suffered massive damages, it is better to evacuate the premises. It is advisable to wait until an experienced contractor like BOSS ROOFING comes to assess the damage.

While some damages are instantly recognizable, the storm might have caused some subtle damages that you may not be able to find. With their extensive training, the contractors of BOSS ROOFING are uniquely qualified to assess any major and minor damages to determine what you’ll need for roof repairs in Fort Myers. While storm can cause a long list of damages, the most common recorded damage after a storm is missing shingles. The high-speed wind of the storm is known to tear off shingles, and even sections of your roof. Fallen debris can also cause a lot of damage to your roof. The storm can pick up this fallen debris and strike your home, causing punctures and impact cracks.

Wind Damage Roof Repair in Fort Myers

Hurricane and Tornadoes are unfortunate but frequent occurrence across Florida. This will lead to the need for roof repairs in Fort Myers. Roof damage is the most common insurance claim after a hurricane. Highspeed winds from hurricanes and tornadoes can cause significant damages to any roof. The impact can range from just losing a few shingles to complete destruction of your roof. Any tear in your roof can result in massive damages to your assets inside the house.

Shingle roofs can take a particularly hard beating from high-speed winds. It is important to inspect the corners and edges of your roof after a storm as they are particularly susceptible to wind damage. Another common damage caused by high-speed winds is “lifting”. The high speed of winds can cause a suction action on the roof, loosening the nails and adhesives holding your shingles down. Call BOSS ROOFING for quick and accurate assessment of your roof.

Insurance Claims for Roof Repairs

Once you contact us, our expert contractors will be at your residence in Fort Myers to assess the roof damage repairs needed. We will also be present when your insurance adjuster comes for assessment on your property in Fort Meyers. As Professional Members of The American Policyholder Association, we will make sure that you get insurance coverage for all major and minor damages to your roof. With years of experience under our belt, we are confident that we will get you the maximum insurance coverage possible for your property. It is important to note that you must contact us and your insurance company promptly after the storm. Any delay in contacting insurance companies usually leads to decreased cover and increased premium.