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If roof is the hat of your house, your siding is its jacket

The primary purpose of an installed siding is to protect the foundation and the sides of your home. What roofing material does for the top of your house, siding does it for the sides and foundation.  A properly installed siding protects your home from strong weather elements like rain, snow, and wind. Sidings also increase the energy efficiency of your house – translating into savings as the siding helps in keeping the warmth inside your house in colder weather. Thus, decreasing your power bill. This impact is much more pronounced in Vinyl sidings with preinstalled insulation. Other than its functional uses, siding also offers a chance for homeowners to upgrade the aesthetic value of their homes. Outdated siding can make your house look subpar as siding is usually the first thing noticed about a house. The most popular and commonly used siding is Vinyl Siding.

Low costs do not always mean low quality. VINYL SIDINGS – The best siding option is now also the cheapest!

Vinyl Siding increases the safety ratings of your property manifold as its chemical structure makes it resistant to flames. Designed to withstand wind speed of 110 mph – Vinyl standing is a very durable product. With the help of modern innovations, vinyl sidings now come with a coating to make it highly UV resistant. This coating also grants a long life to the colors of your siding, with even darker colors failing to fade over the years. Vinyl siding offers a long virtually maintenance-free service life at very affordable rates. Vinyl Siding has the lowest ‘total installation’ cost when compared to all the other exterior cladding options. This makes it one of those unique situations where lower cost does not mean poorer quality. That means that while Vinyl Siding is the CHEAPEST cladding option, it is also one of the BEST. While the benefits of vinyl sidings are many, they must be properly installed to avail the maximum benefits out of your sidings. Our contractors are trained and certified by Vinyl Siding Institute, giving them a level of expertise over other siding contractors.

Mastic Performance Siding

While rain is essential for all living beings, your house hates it, especially if you have used fiber cement in your exterior cladding. Just the tiniest little crack can make your home completely vulnerable to rain.  Like a sponge, your walls take in rainwater in its pores, over time making it crumble, rot and disintegrate. Unlike the traditional sidings ‘Mastic Performance Siding’ by Ply Gem has been engineered from high-performance polymer. It is physically impossible for this vinyl siding to absorb even a single drop of water. Additionally, Mastic Performance Siding is nailed from the top and has a lock at the bottom so that wind is unable to break through from the bottom making the boards come loose. So, you never have to get caught up in checking for cracks and gaps between boards like other so-called low maintenance sidings. Make it Mastic Performance Siding and see what low maintenance siding looks like. Mastic performance Siding is manufactured by Ply Gem, a 70-year leader in pioneering performance home exteriors. BOSS ROOFING provides a huge variety of vinyl sidings to choose from.

Get the best siding material installed by the best siding experts in the area

As Mastic Elite Contractor (the highest possible designation) BOSS ROOFING can double customer’s lifetime warranty of their siding. Being a Mastic Elite Contractor means that our contractors have gone through specialized training and tests to become the best possible siding installers. Being the only qualified Mastic Elite contractor in the Sauk Valley area, we can assure our customers that their siding is being installed by the best in the area. We at BOSS ROOFING promise our customers the maximum satisfaction at minimum prices. As a full-service provider, our contractors are also well aware of all the technicalities of insurance and can help our customers with their insurance claims.

With additional training and certification from two of the biggest Siding organizations in the US, we can guarantee the best siding installation in Rock Falls, Dixon, and Sauk Valley Area.