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Can You Use Architectural Shingles For A Ridge Cap?

Can You Use Architectural Shingles For A Ridge Cap?

Since ridge caps are at the top of roofs, the eye is naturally drawn from the base of roofs up to the top of it. If you’re planning to impress your visitors and passers-by, then it best to use good aesthetic material for your ridge cap. Not only that, but you also have to plan out and weigh-in if these materials have practical functions as a ridge cap. 

Architectural Shingles 

During the 1980s, dimensional shingles were getting a logical development in the form of architectural shingles. As the name suggests, it combines both a highly-functional design while keeping a good form. Since architectural shingles were designed from the previous designs of laminated and dimensional shingles, these shingles are sought-after and one of the more luxurious options on the market.

Architectural shingles are usually comprised of the following materials:

  • Heavy fiberglass mat base
  • Ceramic-coated mineral granules
  • Highly refined water-resistant asphalt

Essentially, architectural shingles emulate the same texture and appearance of two widely-popular shingles like cedar shakes and slate tiles without the drawbacks and disadvantages of the two materials. Since cedar is made out of wood, it is quite vulnerable to fire and water can seep into the interiors easily. Slate is known for being heavy which can accumulate as added weight to your rooftop and is fragile whenever a person steps on the roof.

  • Cedar imitation – Cedar shakes are highly sought after for its durability while also evoking a rustic feel motif on the owner’s roof. The irregular shapes of cedar shakes are attributed to a hand-split process which is not precise. Despite the process of how it is made, cedar shakes and shingles are quite expensive. 
  • Slate imitation – Slate roof tiles and shingles have been widely used in temperate regions for centuries due to its timeless beauty and extremely durable characteristics. Architectural shingles are one of the best alternatives to slate roof tiles since it does not provide an added weight which slates are notorious for.  


Since the majority of architectural shingles are made out of a thick asphalt base, this makes them ideal for roofs that are exposed to both cold and hot climates. The lightweight but durable nature of architectural shingles means that it can easily withstand strong winds during fall, heavy snowfall during winter, rainfall during spring, and even heatwaves during summer. Architectural shingles are your go-to material when it comes to any weather condition of every season. 


There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that luxurious architectural shingles can give your roof an appealing and more pricey look. Although you might be spending 20 – 30% more than your usual shingles, this will eventually pay off knowing that you are also investing in your roof and the overall integrity of your house by safeguarding it against the different elements of nature. 

Ridge caps 

As the name suggests, ridge caps at the top-most part of a roof that is installed on a ridgeline of a pitched roof. There are certain roofs that feature more than one ridgeline such as gabled roofs wherein two ridgelines mean as a single intersecting point in the middle of the house. 

In most cases, the material used for ridge caps is asphalt shingles, which is not quite far off from architectural shingles since it does feature an asphalt base. Some roofing contractors prefer to process and fabricate their ridge caps first before installing it on rooftops. If your contractor does prefer to pre-process their ridge caps, then it usually made out of more metallic parts and even plastic.

You will not have to worry about your ridge caps not fitting in with the color scheme of your roof since contractors generally tailor these caps to fit well with your roof. There are also some contractors who manually install ridge caps shingle by shingle for added authenticity.  

Overall, architectural shingles would work well as ridge caps since they are extremely resistant to almost every element of weather and can blend well with the other shingles of your roof. Ridge caps are one of the most important parts of the roof since it is one of the first parts of the roof that people will see. 

If you are not sure about what materials you want to place on your ridge cap, then there’s no hurt in asking a skilled roofer with years of experience on the matter. It is always important to ask yourself the following questions right before making any rational decisions:

  • “Do I have enough budget to have architectural shingles as a ridge cap?”
  • “Will this fit well with the architectural style and color scheme that my roof has?” 
  • “What is the best way to install architectural shingles as ridge caps?”

Homeowners are advised to seek the help of professional roofing contractors who can provide skilled roofers to give extensive inspections to your roofing Fort Myers FL.

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